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Composite Fillings

The day of the amalgam fillings are just about over. The metal filling traditionally used in the past has been widely replaced with composite resin fillings. The composite filling is a durable tooth colored resin that can fill any restored area of the tooth. The material is easy to pack and form to the natural shape of the tooth. A curing light hardens the material within seconds.

A lot of people worry about the amalgam fillings they have from long ago. Call the Silver State Dental office today and see if having the amalgam removed and replaced with a composite filling is an option for you. Many patients have strong feelings about metal in the mouth making composite fillings a great alternative.

Composite fillings are great for restoring the front teeth. One can take care of small decay areas with matching tooth colored composites with ease. Dr. Young and his staff are great at matching the colors perfectly. You will be smiling all day knowing that no one but you and your dentist can tell that your tooth has been restored. The bonding material used to fuse the material to the tooth means less tooth has to be removed. Amalgam fillings need retention and that requires more tooth structure to be taken away in order for the filling to stay in place.

An initial appointment needs to be made for a consultation, and x-rays taken to determine the full extent of your overall oral health. The courteous staff will respectfully answer any questions and concerns you might have. Dr. Young will be able to restore any decayed areas with composite filling materials. If areas are too large for a composite filling he will let you know what other options are available in protecting the integrity of the health of your teeth.

Have you noticed any small decay on or between your teeth? Don’t let them go unchecked. A small cavity can be taken care of easily, and are much more affordable. The longer the decay goes unchecked the easier that cavity quickly becomes a tooth ache that can mean larger more extensive treatments. Composites are so much nicer and affordable than crowns and root canals. The inner layer of the tooth, called dentin, is softer. Once decay reaches the dentin it can explode into a larger problem.

A healthy mouth is important in your overall health and the staff at Silver State Dental will be glad to set up an appointment in order to insure your dental health is in a good state.