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Limited Orthodontic Treatment for Children

Silver State Dental offers limited orthodontic treatment for children. Silver State Dental provides orthodontic correction to anterior teeth using retainers. The types of irregularities we treat in the office include cross bites and rotated teeth that need to be corrected before damage to the enamel occurs. For patients that qualify for limited orthodontic treatment with retainers this can prevent the patient from going thru 2 phases of braces, which is also a big cost saver.

No two children are alike in growth and development. Some get teeth early and some get them late. Unfortunately some children develop irregularities in the dentition or bite that needs to be handled with limited orthodontics. Excessive crowding at an early age will surely be a sign of excessive crowding later on down the line. The need for intervention for children will enable growth and guidance that can prevent the jaw from growing to a point where there are skeletal or worn enamel issues later on in life.

The beauty of treating a child in an early phase of limited orthodontics is that the child is still growing and treatment can be done to restrict growth in some areas or expand in others at an optimal time. If one waits to treat a patient after the jaw has completely outgrown the upper arch the only way to treat it is with breaking bones and surgery that can be quite painful and expensive. Using the child’s growth to guide the bones into the normal growth patterns is a much better option.

Dental irregularities that are often seen in children include:

  1. Extra or missing teeth can cause space issues
  2. Over crowding with primary teeth is a key indicator of how adult teeth will be
  3. Skeletal issues can cause face and mouth to be abnormal looking
  4. Abnormal or malformed jaws can cause bite and jaw pain
  5. Misalignment can cause stress to the TMJ disc causing pain
  6. Excessive crowding make keeping teeth clean harder which can cause more decay
  7. Aesthetically helping the child feel better about how their teeth look
  8. Crossbites fixed early make room for adult teeth
  9. Habits corrected early with habit appliances can correct pushed out front teeth and a collapsed upper jaw
  10. Overjet and Overbite can be corrected easier earlier making the way teeth fit together healthier

Treating these irregularities early with limited orthodontics will save time and money when the child is older. Silver State Dental is a great place to be when the time comes to make these decisions. Dr. Young and his staff can provide limited orthodontic treatment for children with the use of retainers to correct cross bites and rotated teeth. If your child is in need of more in depth orthodontic treatment the Silver State Dental team can provide you a recommendation to an orthodontist that can treat your child’s dental irregularities.