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Zoom! Whitening

The Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments Las Vegas patients prefer are fast and easy.

Many people don’t even realize that having a beautiful white smile is a simple and affordable procedure. Simple “bleaching” can be achieved in as little as an extended lunch break.

Silver State Dental can show you how quick and inexpensive the treatments are. The older we get the thinner our enamel can become. Enamel over time can stain from dark drinks like teas and coffee. Tobacco use and smoking can also alter the color of enamel. Avoiding these items all together are the best ways to avoid problems with staining. Using a straw to by-pass the teeth is a nice alternative method to not having our favorite beverages. Brushing teeth regularly after consuming beverages that stain will also help cleanse the mouth of stain causing agents.

The best way to handle these stains are with a professional whitening system that Silver State Dental can provide anytime you are ready. Seek your dentist and his professional staffs opinion on what is right for you. The professional teeth whitening treatments we offer are a great way to correct many stain issues. The newest bleaching technology is a safe and effective way to achieve that “brilliant” whiter smile everybody wants.

The easiest way to achieve that brilliant white smile in a short amount of time is with Zoom! whitening. The procedure takes place in the office with the best staff providing you with courteous service. The Zoom process starts with the simple isolation of the teeth to protect the gum and lip tissue. The Zoom Whitening Gel is then applied, and a special light is used for 15 minutes. The light is used up to 3 times until the desired effect is achieved. The teeth become dramatically whiter after the first treatment. Before and after shades will help the patient know how many shades lighter their teeth really are. This is the perfect solution for anyone needing whiter, brighter results fast. A boost in confidence is achieved with your awesome new smile.